I am Donna R. Patrick and I raise American Cocker Spaniels in my home near
Buffalo and Niagara Falls in western New York.  Please do not confuse me with
another Donna Patrick who raises Char Peis or Shih Tzus.  There is no connection.  I
have never owned nor raised those breeds of dog.

  I fell in love with Cockers when I saw
Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" when I was
a child but was not fortunate to own one until I was an adult. I have loved and raised
Cocker Spaniels for 30 years along with my husband and children. Now my
grandchildren adore coming over to play with them! Click on the page for
Our Dogs to
see our special family members!

During the first year of our marriage I purchased my very first Cocker Spaniel, a black  
& white parti-colored female I named Pepper.  Oh how I loved that dog!  She kept me
company during tax season when my husband worked long hours as an accountant.  She
welcomed my first child, my son Garrett, and became his constant companion.  Even
the neighbors would comment that you never saw one without the other.  Pepper was
his best friend, his playmate and his guardian.  She was a devoted companion to me
and I still miss her after all these years. Once I had a Cocker Spaniel I was hooked for
life and have had many other wonderful Cockers over the years.

I enjoy showing my dogs in Confirmation events but my Cockers are raised to be

first and foremost whether at home, or in competition. Some of my dogs
enjoy the show ring and some prefer to be couch potatoes but all enhance our lives as
our loving pets and members of our family. I do not have a kennel; my dogs are born
and raised in my home. I am
very selective in my breeding program and only breed
once or twice per year
and not every year.

All of our dogs have
champion pedigrees, are AKC registered and come from
parents that have been tested for genetically linked diseases. I breed to improve my
line in order to produce the finest quality
Cocker Spaniel according to the American
Kennel Club
standards. All my dogs have their eyes, hips and thyroids tested so that I
can be sure when I breed my dogs I am breeding the
healthiest dogs possible.  I offer  
healthy and happy puppies and you are welcome to meet the parents of any puppy I sell.

The three most important things in my life are my faith in my Lord, Jesus Christ, my
family, and my dogs. All three of these have allowed me to make friends in many
walks of life and I treasure each new friend I make.  With this website I intend to
honor my Lord, my family and my loving Cocker Spaniels.  I dedicate it to each of
them and especially to my beloved Pepper.

I hope you enjoy visiting us and will come back often. I love hearing from you so drop
me a line at keidoncockers@aol.com to say hello, ask a question or just to share a
The Key to your Heart is a
KeiDon Cocker Spaniel!
Our Dogs
KeiDon Cocker Spaniels
please contact us at keidoncockers@aol.com
or by calling 716-783-2434
I can do all
things through
Christ Jesus,
who gives me
---Philippians 4:13